WildNature 2.1.4

Feb 2, 2020


Note: This version contains new items which have no use, so they will be mentioned in future updates, not in this.

Note: Most of recipes still in progress. Remember, its beta! 😉


Important Changes

  • added chokeberry
  • added bilberry
  • added hawthorn
  • added kamchatka berry
  • added black/red/white currant
  • added wild strawberry
  • added quince
  • added black lilac
  • added bunch of new config settings
  • added river cane
  • added small cacti
  • added farmlands
  • added ability to put plants into composter
  • added blocks flammability
  • added working grass paths
  • fixed fruitable leaves crash
  • fixed pouch crash
  • fixed pouch ability to stack pouches in pouch
  • fixed door textures
  • fixed snowy grass textures
  • rebuilded bush generator

Known Bugs

  • mod’s farmlands have no use – no crop can be planted on them
  • on biomes with new grass blocks animals aren’t spawning
  • steam generator not works on servers
  • citrus seeds not generates proper tree

Other changes

bunch of bugfixes


Version Information

Version: 2.1.4

Type: beta

Minecraft Version: 1.14.4

Mod Loader: Forge 28.1.100+

Release Date: Feb 2, 2020

Compatible: true


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