Mangrove Bayou


A much more dense swamp, filled with Mangrove trees growing from the shallow water, and some oak trees covered in vines. Much like the swamp biome, you will have difficulty traversing through the shallow waters and dense vegetation. Although it may be challenging, it is a very beautiful biome, and with endless ideas for building unique bases/homes.


Many plants can be found throughout the Mangrove Bayou such as:
Mangrove tree, oak trees covered in vines, red and green waterlilies, roses, lilacs, peony’s, seagrass, various berry bushes, mushrooms, spider grass, poison ivy, blue orchids, lily of the valley and rose bushes.


Many different variants of fish spawn throughout the bayou, with the occasional dolphins.


No structures spawn in this biome.


There are no subbiomes for this biome


Useful tools to help traverse this dense biome: shears, frost walker enchanted boots, and axes.

Mangrove Bayou

id: wildnature:mangrove_bayou

realism: realistic

type: warm

rarity: 5

precipitation: rain

category: plains

depth: -0.2F

scale: 0.1F

temperature: 0.8F – 35ºC

downfall: 0.9F

tree rate: 10

plant rate: 4

sub-biomes: none

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