Golden Woods


The Golden Forest, filled with life and lush vegetation with a golden tint. This biome is a much more beautiful oak forest, perfect for those who love log cabin, huntsman style builds with lots of trees, various plants and gradual sloped terrain. Plenty of cave entrances and small ponds spawn throughout the biome, make it ideal for exploration as well.


 Oak Trees are the main source of wood found in the Golden Woods along with many of these other plants:
∙ Poppy
∙ Dandelion
∙ Rose Bush
∙ Lilac Bush
∙ Peony
∙ Lily of the Valley
∙ White Pasque
∙ Floral Grass
∙ Grass with Wheat


The basic friendly mobs such as Chickens, Cows, Pigs and Sheep can be found throughout the Golden Woods.


Distinctive structures such as Basalt deposits and Gneiss deposits can be found along the surface, very rarely though.


There are no subbiomes for this biome


Tips for building in the Golden Woods: clear out unnecessary bushes and trees and make use of the surrounding berry bushes and mobs as your main supply of food.

Golden Woods

id: wildnature:golden_woods

realism: realistic

type: warm

rarity: 7

precipitation: rain

category: plains

depth: 0.15F

scale: 0.03F

temperature: 0.5F – 20ºC

downfall: 0.8F

tree rate: 18

plant rate: 1

sub-biomes: none

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