Flower Field


Colorful fields with lots of flowers.

This biome is really unique, ideal for building beautiful houses. Flat terrain allows you to build them really big without much effort.

Also, if you’re looking for dyes, you can easily find them here – from flowers that grows here you can craft lots of dye colors.


Here you can discover flowers such as:

  • red tulips
  • white tulips
  • pink tulips
  • orange tulips
  • azure bluets

And occasionaly:

  • lilacs
  • rose bushes
  • peonies

Also there is 0.01% chance that you’ll find oak tree


You can meet here cows, chickens, pigs, sheeps and wolfs.


Default plains village generates here.


This biome has no variations.

Flower Field

id: wildnature:flower_field

realism: realistic

type: warm

rarity: 7

precipitation: rain

category: plains

depth: 0.15F

scale: 0.03F

temperature: 0.6F

downfall: 0.8F

tree rate: 0

plant rate: 18

sub-biomes: none


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