Fruits, vegetables and herbs

Fruits, vegetables and herbs

Item Name Growing Spawning Temperature

Apple Apple Tree Orchard medium

Green Apple Apple Tree Orchard medium

Cherry Cherry Tree (Normal, Pink, White) Cherry Paradise medium

Pear Pear Tree Orchard medium

Raspberry Raspberry Bush forests warm; medium

Blueberry Blueberry Bush forests warm; medium; cold

Lingonberry Lingonberry Bush forests medium; cold

Blackberry Blackberry Bush forests medium

Gooseberry Gooseberry Bush forests warm; medium

Chokeberry Chokeberry Bush forests medium

Black Currant Black Currant Bush forests medium

Red Currant Red Currant Bush forests medium

White Currant White Currant Bush forests medium

Hawthorn Hawthorn Bush forests medium; cold

Kamchatka Berry Kamchatka Berry Bush forests cold

Wild Strawberry Wild Strawberry Bush forests; plains warm

Quince Quince Bush plains medium

Bilberry Bilberry Bush forests medium

Black Lilac Black Lilac Bush forests; plains medium

Cranberries Cranberry Bush plains medium; cold

Plum Plum Tree Plum Orchard medium

Purple Grapes Purple Grape Vine - -

Yellow Grapes Purple Yellow Vine - -

Lemon Lemon tree Citrus Orchard warm

Orange Orange tree Daintree Forest; Daintree Plateau; Mahogany Rainforest warm

Grapefruit Grapefruit tree Olive Garden; Olive Hills warm

Banana Banana tree Banana Thicket; Madagascar warm

Lime Lime tree Citrus Orchard; Madagascar Valley warm

Olives Olive tree Olive Garden; Olive Hills warm

Peach Peach tree Daintree Forest; Daintree Plateau; Madagascar Valley warm

Pineapple Pineapple Plant every Jungle biome warm

Pomegranate Pomegranate tree Daintree Forest; Daintree Plateau; Mahogany Rainforest warm

Mango Mango tree Madagascar warm

Broccoli Broccoli Plant plains warm

Cabbage Cabbage Plant plains medium

Cauliflower Cauliflower Plant plains medium

Celery Celery Plant plains medium

Chives Chives Plant plains medium

Corn Corn Bush Corn Fields; plains medium;warm

Cucumber Cucumber Plant plains medium

Eggplant Eggplant Double Plant plains medium;warm

Garlic Garlic Plant plains medium

Ginger Ginger Plant plains medium

Green Beans Green Bean High Plant plains medium;warm

Green Pepper Green Pepper Plant plains warm

Horseradish Horseradish Bush plains medium

Leek Leek Plant plains medium

Lettuce Lettuce Plant plains medium

Onion Onion Plant plains medium

Peanut Peanut Plant plains warm

Peas Pea Plant plains medium

Red Onion Red Onion Plant plains medium

Red Pepper Red Pepper Plant plains warm

Rhubarb Rhubarb Plant plains warm

Rice Rice Plant (wet) plains warm

Tomato Tomato Plant plains warm

Turnip Turnip Plant plains medium

Basil Basil Plant jungles warm

Curry Leaves Curry Plant jungles warm

Fresh Marjoram Marjoram Plant jungles warm

Fresh Rosemary Rosemary Plant jungles warm

Dried Sage Sage Plant jungles warm

Turmeric Turmeric Plant jungles warm

Salt Salt Ore underground; beach warm;medium;cold

Black Pepper Black Pepper Plant jungles warm

Black Tea Leaves Black Tea Plant plains warm

Green Tea Leaves Green Tea Plant plains warm

Melissa Tea Leaf Melissa Tea Plant plains warm

Mint Mint Plant plains warm

White Tea Leaves White Tea Plant jungles warm

Cotton Cotton Plant plains warm;medium;cold